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You can find confidence and self-love at any stage in life, even if wrinkles and other signs of aging appear earlier than you expected. In Artesia, California, Camille Agbayani and the team at L’aura Wellness specialize in numerous anti-aging treatment options to revitalize your skin and restore your youthful complexion. Book your consultation by phone or online to review your options today.

Anti-Aging Q&A

What do anti-aging treatments do?

Anti-aging treatments aim to help you look and feel slightly more youthful. However, it’s important to remember that such treatments won’t reverse time and you can’t return to your younger face or body. 

Instead, you can make small improvements to fight the negative symptoms of aging and feel more confident as you transition to a later stage of life.

At L’aura Wellness, most available anti-aging treatments are targeted toward your skin. One of the hallmark signs of maturity is the development of wrinkles and lines on your face and body. 

Your skin gets thinner and looser with age, and it can greatly affect the way you look on the outside even if you still feel youthful. You can’t stop yourself from eventually getting wrinkles, but there are numerous available treatments to make them less noticeable.


What are my anti-aging treatment options?

L’aura Wellness provides many anti-aging treatment options. The team helps you identify your age-related features that can be improved with anti-aging treatments, then forms a treatment strategy with one or more procedures to help you feel better about your changing appearance. 

Your anti-aging plan of action might involve:

  • Nutritional guidance
  • Exercise strategies
  • Body contouring
  • Skin tightening
  • Facials
  • Appropriate products for your skin type

While many of these options aim to improve your skin and your appearance alone, losing weight with nutrition and some exercise might help you feel like your body is younger and less achy. 


Who can get anti-aging treatments?

Anti-aging treatments benefit anyone struggling with changes that aging brings. You might seek anti-aging treatments if you don’t feel confident in yourself or just have rigid preferences about the way you present yourself. 

At your anti-aging treatment consultation, your provider discusses your medical history, current health, and goals. In order to undergo anti-aging treatments, you must have goals that aren’t unrealistic. 

Your provider helps you choose the safest and most effective procedures and strategies for your individual needs.

Reserve a consultation over the phone or online to learn more about anti-aging treatments at L’aura Wellness today.